Low-iron glass is a type of ultra clear, high-clarity glass that is made from silica with very low amounts of iron. This low level of iron removes most of the greenish tint that can be seen on glass. In an aquarium, using low iron glass will allow you to view the inhabitants in their true color. The difference between standard clear glass and iron glass is obvious in any thickness of glass, but it is particularly noticeable on 1/2″ and 3/4″ glass.


The Phantom Bottom is a hybrid, multi-layered bottom designed for strength, durability, and aesthetics. Although, when finished it’s focus is on simplicity, producing it is anything but simple. The core layer and heart of the Phantom Bottom is glass, which is used for strength, rigidity and maximum adhesions, because nothing bonds better to glass than glass. The top and internal layer is a high impact ABS liner, which is designed to protect your glass from falling objects and is structurally bonded to the glass with a unique silicone sealant which helps absorb the impact, rather than transferring it to the glass . On bare bottom tanks, it’s particularly useful as it’s lightly textured surface creates a great foundation for corals to attach and grow, and prevents your aqua-scape from being directly on your glass. The bottom, external layer is closed cell PVC, which covers the bottom and prevents the glass from coming in contact with anything else. The PVC also protects the aquarium during transportation, and when placed on the stand it helps absorb pressure points. It also contributes to the structural integrity of the aquarium, as the sealant we use provides a structural bond. Unlike traditional custom aquariums, the glass core in the Phantom Bottom floats inside the aquarium, as oppose to under it. This eliminates the need for the 1″ white foam needed under the aquarium and allows the use of 1/4″ black neoprene which goes virtually undetected.


Designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind the Hybrid Overflow is a combination of smoked glass and black acrylic. The glass is sleek and easy to clean, while the acrylic is designed to be machine and far from fragile when it comes to handling. The overflow is mostly glass with a custom water jet cutout, which is then replaced with a removable acrylic weir, for the best of both worlds. The smoked glass body is tinted which keeps the black plumbing out of site, yet translucent enough to provide a dim view if necessary. The glass is easy to clean and can be scraped with a razor, while the removable weir can be washed in the sink with a brush or dipped overnight to remove coralline algae.

Armored Seams

Armored Seams are reinforced glass joints designed to protect your silicone from magnet cleaners, scrapers and burrowing critters, as well as providing structural integrity to the aquarium. They have a surreal, bold three dimensional look and the smoked glass strip is seamlessly incorporated into the joint.


The Reef Savvy Ghost Overflow hardly needs an introduction, it’s the most iconic retro fit overflow ever designed, and the most popular overflow in the Reef Savvy lineup. Extremely versatile by design, with 3 drains it will accept any plumbing configuration you throw at it. The Ghost Overflow is constantly evolving and the new GEN4, 21″ Ghost is the slimmest, most well thought out Ghost to date. At an unprecedented 2.75″ wide, it’s half the width of traditional external overflows and by far the slimmest external overflow in the world. The secret is in our Patent Pending Direct Connect welded fittings, which eliminate the need for traditional bulkheads.

External Overflow

Our external overflow is very similar in design and principle to our hybrid overflow, but preserves all the valuable real estate inside the tank. The drawback to external overflows is they require more space behind the tank. On average they will add anywhere from 5″ – 6″ to the width of a tank, this depends on the size of the tank and drain diameter. That being said, an external overflow is an excellent choice for in-wall aquariums with a fish room, or anywhere with no space restrictions. External overflows have no internal box, so the water jet cutout is done on the rear panel, and the overflow box is mounted externally. The cutout is then covered with a removable acrylic weir which we laser and custom make in-house. On smaller aquariums that only require 3/8″ to 1/2″ glass we offer a smoked glass rear panel option for an extremely clean look.

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What Our Clients Say
  • Reef Savvy is the absolute best of the best in the aquarium industry for 3 very specific reasons. They make the absolute highest quality products in the industry, bar none. They are true visionaries with innovations that are leagues above the rest. And most importantly when it comes to customer service, it truly doesn't get any better than Felix Bordon. He is knowledgable, accommodating and a pleasure to work with. It's an incredible company and I would recommend them and do to anyone interested in building a tank, novice or veteran. You just can't beat their products. Hope to see more great things from this company in the future! Great stuff!
    John SousaJohn Sousa
  • Always exceeds expectations, only company I would consider using or recommending
    Ryan Batcheller	Ryan Batcheller
  • Reef Savvy tanks are top of the line in this industry. Literally perfection. That's why everyone is willing to wait months to get one or pay loads of money to try and win one in a raffle. They are art. To top it off Felix & crew are amazingly nice people. I'm all about helping small businesses especially when you know that your money is going to support good people.
    Jessica TimkoJessica Timko
  • In the aquarium industry you see many aquarium manufacturers. I've seen a lot and Reef Savvy aquariums are hands down the best aquariums money can buy. The time, effort and detail that goes into each one is unrivaled.
    David HammontreeDavid Hammontree
  • There are many companies that build aquariums, but maybe about 10 companies in the world who build custom aquariums of the finest quality, with special features matched with high end furniture and accessories. Reef Savvy is one of the best of this small group. Build quality is superb, and the Phantom Bottom and Ghost Overflow are unique. For such custom work you have to be patient. They don't crank them out fast.
    Julian SprungJulian Sprung
  • We saw our first Reef Savvy tank at MACNA a few years ago, and were impressed with the attractive looks of it, the thoughtful design, and the top-notch build quality. When our mass-produced 300g tank failed back in 2015, we knew we never wanted to endure that nightmare again, and so we chose to go with a Reef Savvy custom build. Felix and his team were true professionals from the first phone call. He set our expectations about delivery time-frames up front, and was very accommodating of the special details we wanted. Even during the construction, Felix kept in touch with us for feedback on the design so that it would be sure to exceed our expectations. Was it worth the wait? Unquestioningly the answer is YES! The tank is a real showpiece; it is so very functional as well as good-looking. We're proud to be owners of a one-of-a-kind work of true craftsmanship from Reef Savvy.
    Mike LauderdaleMike Lauderdale
  • Best tank builder in the country, everyone knows that. Just take one look at the quality of craftsmanship of the tanks Felix builds and you will know perfection. Thanks for all you do man!
    Shaun RiggleShaun Riggle
  • Excellent tank with great advice on design and set up. Felix helped me every step of the way. I would have made some big mistakes were it not for his input. A true custom tank I have had made that turned out exactly the way I wanted for a new addition to my house. My architect was also floored when he saw it.
    Fabio GironFabio Giron
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