21″ Ghost Overflow (2-3 WEEK LEAD TIME)


2000 GPH

Interior Box: 21″L x 1.25″W x 6″H
Laser Cut Removable Weir Cover
(2) 1.5″ Mounting Bulkheads
Exterior Box: 21″L x 2.75″W x 8″H
(3) 1″ Direct Connect Drains
3/8″ Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Cover

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Product Description


The Reef Savvy Ghost overflow is simple, sleek, and most importantly dead silent. It’s the perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality. It is the culmination of a lifetime of reef keeping experiences, backed up by 20 years of aquarium design and fabrication. Although, there are bargain brand imports and mass-produced mold injection overflows that bear a superficial resemblance to the Ghost, a closer look will reveal just how different they really are. From the materials we use, to the machining and assembly process, every aspect of the Ghost has been thoughtfully taken into consideration.

The Reef Savvy Difference.

Engineering: Tongue and groove design; all the pieces interlock, and the bonds have three times the contact area creating a stronger overflow.

Fit & Finish: CNC routed, diamond polished edges and laser cut. Hand assembled individually in-house by Reef Savvy craftsmen. 

Removable weir: Pocket & tab design keeps weir in place and allows for easy weir removal.

Water level: Can be set with the template prior to drilling the tank, and can be approximately 1.5″ from the surface or lower when running. 

Laser cut slots: 53 precision laser cut 1.125″ slots allow water to flow smoothly while providing an added failsafe over small slots than can easily clog.

Polycarbonate cover: Warp resistant 3/8″ heavy-duty polycarbonate cover.

Modified Bulkheads: The mounting bulkheads are countersunk and chamfered to reduce profile and improve fluid dynamics. 

Ultra slim internal box: 1.25″ front to back, that’s .375″ thinner if not more than any other overflow.

Ultra slim external box: The new 21″ Ghost is an unprecedented 2.75″ front to back. That’s a 1″ thinner if not more than any other overflow. 

Direct Connect: The new Ghost only uses bulkheads for mounting the overflow, not for plumbing it. Traditional bulkheads have an oversized flange designed to compress the gasket. By eliminating the bulkheads flange and gasket, we’re able to achieve an unimaginably low profile. In place of the bulkheads, we weld and triple seal the Direct Connect fittings for an impenetrable bond. Our Direct Connect fittings are Slip x FPT; slip on the inside, and threaded on the outside. This will allow for a true Plug and Play setup, as well as easy modifications or future changes to your plumbing configuration.

Materials, Machining & Manufacturing.

As with everything Reef Savvy, the new 21″ Ghost is 100% built in-house and supported by Reef Savvy. Not only is our overflow made in the USA, but so are the materials we use to make them. We use Lucite continuous cast exclusively for our acrylic, Spears for our fittings, and the bulkheads and gaskets we use are made right here in Florida. The Reef Savvy Ghost, is good ol’ fashion Reefing Americana.

It would be rather easy to machine the Ghost overflow using one CNC router, but we don’t do easy, we opt for a much more intricate process with multiple state of the art machines to achieve an extraordinary finish. Each machine specializes in a unique task that adds value which is apparent in the finished product. It all starts with a new sheet of Lucite acrylic which is first machined on an SCM Pratix N15 CNC router. The cut pieces are then transferred to a Weeke ABP 310 diamond edge polisher. Once all the visible edges are diamond polished, the pieces are individually hand routed with a chamfer bit that leaves them smooth to the touch. The removable weirs are then placed one bye one in an Epilog Legend 36, where the slots are laser cut. This process is slow and time consuming as every weir takes approximately 12 minutes to laser, and each one is done individually. Using a laser allows us to give the inside of the slots perfect 90 degree corners that would otherwise be impossible. It’s very simple, squares have corners, rounded edges don’t. Each corner represents a fraction of an inch, when multiplied by the 53 slots on the 21″ Ghost, you end up with more surface skimming than you would have otherwise. Because a laser cuts with a hot beam, the inside of the slots are also sealed and polished, as opposed to traditional CNC routed slots which are porous and more likely to inhibit algae growth. This is a perfect example that the details matter and no matter how tiny it may seem, nothing is ever overlooked. The next step is to cut the interior teal frames for the 3 piece windows, which are also cut on the laser for a fine, polished finish. The remaining pieces are also cut on the Pratix N15 with the exception of the teal weir strips which are cut on a Schelling FK4 computerized panel saw, for the cleanest edges possible. Although, some might call our process overcomplicated and unnecessary we couldn’t disagree more. We are who we are, because we love what we do and we are defined by the perception of quality experienced by our customers. Always forward, never backwards.

Plumbing The Ghost Overflow.

The Ghost Overflow is extremely versatile by design; having 3 drains, it will accept just about any plumbing configuration. There are many popular and proven plumbing methods to choose from. Many of these methods have obvious similarities and may have been inspired, or derived by one or the other. Our personal favorite is the Beananimal method; it’s dead silent, employs a full siphon, and requires the use of an emergency drain. Regardless of the method you choose, we recommend you maintain one of the drains as an emergency. Some of the other popular plumbing configurations are the Durso Standpipes and The Herbie Method.


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